On Being Lost: Learning Languages

3 thoughts on “On Being Lost: Learning Languages”

  1. Very interesting observations about understanding language. It reminds of the description Stanley Fish ( literary critic) made about reading: (I’ll have to put the quote in another, new comment because I’ve learned that I can’t leave any one entry to look up something without losing this connection. So look for the next one to follow immediately.)
    Also noted: what a great idea it was to introduce you to Cunejo.


  2. Fish described the act of reading as “. . . a moving field of concerns, at once wholly present (not waiting for meaning but constituting meaning) and continually in the act of reconstituting itself.”
    I hadn’t thought of that as applying to understanding speech, but it sound very like what you’ve described above.
    I had used that quote to describe the act of exploration by drawing in design — that’s exactly how it works.
    I liked your metaphor on “shoulders loosening.” I could feel my own body respond as I read it. Good work.


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