Cycling the world, telling the human story of climate change.

12 thoughts on “Cycling the world, telling the human story of climate change.”

  1. The climate has been changing for 4.5B years. It will change over and over for another 6B years or so. Ask poor farmers what they think about that. Or, if only we could tax the 1 percent, maybe it’ll stay the same for the next 6B years (haha). Ride on.


    1. Hi Tony
      Thanks for your comment. I’ve read and continue to read everything that I can on the subject. My perspective on the science of climate change and humankind’s influence on it align with 97% of climate scientists.

      I’m not going to spend the time to debate any further. I’d like to, but I’ve decided to dedicate myself to other aspects of the climate discussion and I just don’t have the time. Sorry.

      There are plenty of places on the internet where I’m sure people would happily engage you in discussion.

      When I started this project, the first thing I did was read perspectives from all sides of the debate. I watched documentaries and read studies from the skeptics. I did the same for the mainstream scientific community. What I found as I read further was that for every argument denying humans’ influence on the extreme climate change we’re seeing today, I found a more authoritative source refuting it.

      I also found that outside the far right wing of the United States, people that dispute anthropogenic climate change were in the extreme minority.

      If you’re interested in engaging with ideas that are counter to your own, I would suggest you check out, as well as the books Plan B 4.0 (free online) and Merchants of Doubt.

      All the best,

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    2. Scientists of many disciplines have investigated how and why climate has changed since the earth formed. Detailed geochemical evidence in the geologic record shows that sudden natural increases in CO2 and methane have triggered climate warming. The end Permian mass extinction, where over 80% of species died off forever was triggered by a massive increase in CO2 levels associated with an enormous volcanic eruption and natural coal burning event in Siberia.


    3. The intensity of recent change is so structurally different in its intensity, there are no logical grounds on which to interpret this as part of longtime natural changes: and for this reason it is more accurate to talk about ‘climate disruption’, which is clearly distinct from naturally occurring cycles. Research has also very strongly connected the activities of the human economy to these recent patterns – actually since the late 1800’s. Yes, there are some limitations with some methodologies, but there is widespread triangulation between many numerous methods, by different nationalities, at different times.

      Nothing short of widespread systemic change is going to be sufficient to reduce human contribution to the already existing natural cycles (that will also certainly have to be manged irrespective). However, it is highly likely that part of the response will have to be a reduction of disproportionate accumulation by narrow communities, at all scales of analysis: principally, in order to reduce the equally disproportionate impact that such accumulation has on climate disruption.

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  3. Forrest- to say that your journey is inspiring doesn’t quite do it justice. Suffice to say, I am astonished by your drive and commitment. Anthropogenic climate change is the #1 issue facing all of us who call the Earth our home. It gives me new hope to see your generation stepping up to educate, raise awareness and work towards solutions. I have faith that together, we can have a meaningful impact on all of creation, for all of the generations to come! In Solidarity, Mark Lindberg


    1. Thanks, Mark! I’m trying to do my part in a way that also gives me the skills and experience to be effective in my work. Thanks for standing with those looking for solutions.


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