Out of Asia: 15 Photos From the Road

6 thoughts on “Out of Asia: 15 Photos From the Road”

  1. Hi Forrest . . .thanks for sharing this beautiful journey with me. I have forwarded this email on to folks in our coalition – some of whom may already be on your listserv. I hope you are staying safe and traveling is easy for you. 

    Be well,

    Stacey McLaughlin

    From: 360 by bike Reply-To: 360 by bike Date: Monday, September 12, 2016 at 6:25 AM To: Stacey McLaughlin Subject: [New post] Out of Asia: 15 Photos From the Road

    fqwatkins posted: “Kapadokya/Cappadocia, Turkey to Λέσβος/Lesbos, Greece– 1,062 km this section (Total Mileage: 11,914 km/40,075 km) I’ve made it through Turkey to Lesbos, a Greek island just off the coast of Turkey. I came here hoping to speak with some of the migrants wh”


  2. Forrest, Thanks for this great post! I marvel at your travels and your capacity for thoughtful and reflective writing. Enjoy Europe! Michael Johnson-Chase


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