The Long Summer Ahead: 17 Photos from the Road

11 thoughts on “The Long Summer Ahead: 17 Photos from the Road”

  1. Forrest,
    This s the best post you have made so far: stunning pix, alternating informative captions with lyrical prose. Thunderstorm photo, first shot of caves and view of Goreme are outstanding. Absolutely new to me are your insights are into psychological effects of overheating. Keep rolling!

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    1. Maybe so. I do think a global perspective is important, but I think you do too, so I’m guessing you mean in the sense that we ought to put care into real solutions at home rather than spending all our time in fear of what’s foreign?


  2. I met a teacher who was interested in using your posts in his third grade class. I certainly have been learning about geography, and have glimpses of others cultures. I think his third grade class would be so excited to follow you around the world.


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