The Unofficial Responsibilities of an English Teacher

2 thoughts on “The Unofficial Responsibilities of an English Teacher”

  1. It seems like a really exciting to be a country that is transforming so rapidly. I wish there could be some new way of growth, that didn’t depend on consumerism. How does the consumerism in China compare to that in the USA?


    1. A heavy focus on material wealth does tend to leave a bad taste in one’s mouth, but growth and development do tend to rely on an economy that is expanding for everyone. In some ways widespread consumerism seems like an indicator of that.
      The main part that is hard to stomach for me is the wastefulness of consumerism, and unfortunately what I’ve seen here seems pretty wasteful. Things tend to be even more replaceable here than in the US–they’re of low quality, but are cheap enough that they don’t cost a lot to replace. This may be starting to change, though, as people start to have enough wealth to demand quality.


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