“What meeting?”, Hot Pot, and a View on the state of US Politics

My alarm clock buzzes me into the waking world. I reach to the bedside table, ready to swipe it away and retreat to a more comfortable place, when something catches in my mind. My alarm doesn’t buzz, it rings. And my phone doesn’t ring, it buzzes. I open my eyes fully and see it’s a call from … Continue reading “What meeting?”, Hot Pot, and a View on the state of US Politics

Happy Halloween

I hope everyone had great Halloween. Dan and I sure did. This week I taught classes about Halloween in America. We went over vocabulary and sentence structures, took a quiz that told us whether we were witches or warlocks, and reviewed with pictionary. My students pointed out that it was strange that parents would send … Continue reading Happy Halloween

Fall in Jishou

You can always feel the edge of a season, like a thumb pressed slowly against a knife blade. There’s something deep in the brain that sounds the alarm, that tells you: Get ready. In my hometown of Eugene, Oregon, the first sign of fall is that good rain that cleanses the air of its summer haze and makes it clean … Continue reading Fall in Jishou