Food Security: Another Reason To Be Thankful This Thanksgiving

4 thoughts on “Food Security: Another Reason To Be Thankful This Thanksgiving”

  1. Both links very interesting and relevant to long response to these issues I’m working on, but it’s slow going, so don’t wait up.

    Also, if you have access to archive of New York Review of Books, see Dec 4, 2014, Elizabeth Kolbert review of Naomi Klein book Capitalism vs. the Climate.

    Klein includes report on Swiss measure of consumption in watts/person (w/p): everyone on earth entitled to 2,000 w/p. Presently (or better, currently, eh?) US has 12,000; Dutch 8,000; Swiss 5,000; Bangladeshi 300. No more TV or computer.


    1. I’m thinking about taking her book for break when I go, there’s been a lot of buzz about it and it’s a niche of books that I’m interested in exploring. Hopefully I’ll be able to find access to it soon.


      1. Kolbert’s review isn’t all that complimentary. It’s well worth reading, not just on its own but, I’d guess, as another view of Klein’s argument. If you don’t have access to NYRB, let me know and I’ll try to scan and send it to you.


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