Sobirania Energètica: New Ideas on Energy from Cataluña

2 thoughts on “Sobirania Energètica: New Ideas on Energy from Cataluña”

  1. I’ve been meaning to write a response to your earlier blog on Energy Democracy, here’s another chance:
    As you described Som Energia, I realized that we have right here in River City a remarkably similar example in the Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB). This non-profit system has a locally elected board of directors to determine policy and is wholly owned and is supported by the its users. Its it has its own (mostly) local energy generation in two dams on the McKenzie river (with substantial help from the federal Bonneville Power Administration, and participation in the wind powered systems in Eastern Oregon). For many years EWEB has had very active programs in energy conservation, including free energy audits for residential and commercial customers that are coupled with state-subsidized solar energy rebates. There may be other features I don’t know about, but you might want to look at while you’re here for a spell this Spring.
    Looking forward to your return.


    1. I was thinking of talking to them. I knew they were customer-owned and had good renewables/efficiency financing programs, but I didn’t know any details beyond that. I’ll look into it. I’m going to try to get back tonight, though it’ll be a pretty long day if I do


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