UPDATE: The Worst Day

14 thoughts on “UPDATE: The Worst Day”

  1. Thanks for the detailed account of the accident. Lauren’s story after her return here didn’t include the harrowing parts about the crash, your first responses and your summoning help. We have been impressed with your clear thinking and steady control through it all.
    Pix of the gorge and the tiny entrance to the tunnel are spectacular. We’ve been over the general area via GoogleEarth but that doesn’t have the impact of the views from the road.
    Congratulations on your prospects for COP22. I’ll look up The Verb and find out more about it, but your description of it sounds perfect for your intentions. I’m reminded of a lecture I heard by Buckminster Fuller years ago when he said “most people are nouns, but I seem to be a verb.” You, too!


    1. Thanks, I did my best. It really was a very beautiful area. Based on the view of the northern Montenegrin mountains that we got from the train, it looks like this landscape extends over much of the region. I think The Verb is pretty perfect, and it seems like I’ll also have a good amount of freedom to pursue what I want to pursue.

      PS Buckminster Fuller is the best.


  2. Forest, I talked to your mom at church this morning and she looks good. How impressed I am with your steadiness through this terrible mishap. You are a son to be proud of!!! Your photos are gorgeous. Glad you get to continue on to COP22, I will watch for future posts.


  3. Thanks for sharing this with us Forrest. I imagine that terrible day will only make your mission stronger and more purposeful, as every moment in life is now more precious.
    Best to you,


    1. It definitely sobered me a little. I’ll be getting back on the road pretty soon so hopefully it doesn’t affect my riding. (I was already scared of tunnels, and I don’t think this will help!)


  4. Sending well wishes to your mom. You both sound amazing!! I rode through Montenegro in 2007 and experienced some of the most spectacular scenery I’ve ever ridden through.


  5. Hi F. LiLi here. The Verb is way way way way fantastic for you! Id say what luck but I suspect it was your detective work and diligence that found that community. How perfect. You totally need cohorts like that. It s gonna be 2 weeks of a different kind of adrenaline for you. Make the most of it, I hope you get some great friends from this conference, and have FUN.


    1. Hi LiLi,
      Some luck and some hard work–their call for submissions was posted on another group’s social media page after I failed to get a spot on that group’s team. I’m glad it worked out the way it did.

      I’ve got two weeks of almost non-stop travel to get there on time, including about 1000 km of bicycling, a ferry, and one 48-hour bus ride. The next month will certainly be an interesting ride.


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