Azerbaijan, The Land of Fire: 19 Photos From the Road

3 thoughts on “Azerbaijan, The Land of Fire: 19 Photos From the Road”

  1. As usual, your pix and remarks about them are just great.
    A few reactions:
    * The first picture of gourd-shaped building in Baku shows what I’d call architectural excess — trying, and failing, to outdo the Sydney Opera House’s nested shells. The Flame towers in the second shot are more appropriate.
    * I’ve never seen fiercer looking plants than those desert thorns — inimical to any pneumatic structure whatever, such as a bike tire or even, say, a lung. Please don’t bring samples back; let them stay far far away, with the Kazahk spiders.
    * Sheki looks even better in your pictures that it does in Wikki. Definite possibility for emigration if Trump prevails in November.
    * Glad to know you won’t get into the Turkey mess, but I hope it doesn’t mean you will have to spend a month in Bulgaria, which seems to promise only to provide a datum as the low point in future accounts of your adventure: “Chapter Seven: Thirty-six days in Bulgaria”


    1. I’ve seen my share of architectural excess over the past few years. These risk-taking buildings seem to be more common in cities that have developed recently, so that sometimes computer-shaped glass and metal oddities become almost normal. On thing I would point out too is that the bolder the work, it seems, the worse it looks when it gets dirty/falls into disrepair. Nothing beings a spaceship to earth like some peeling paint and warped wall panels.

      Don’t about Bulgaria but I am very much looking forward to eastern Europe as a whole. Seems like a very interesting place right now.


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