Shifting: Hanoi to Kunming (and What’s Next)

2 thoughts on “Shifting: Hanoi to Kunming (and What’s Next)”

  1. Wow! 15,700+ ft elevation! I remember puffing at about 12,000 skiing in Colorado when I was your age. And steep! The relief section/ red ascents look so steep that I think you’ll have to rope up. No fooling, this looks like a formidable trek, not just for the physical effort, but for the need to camp out , and , I would think, the danger of losing control during descents, especially with your extra weight. Won’t you have to brake all the way down a lot of the way? Can you rely on the brakes you have? Please check them out every day. Best wishes.


    1. I should be fine, I’m going to replace my brake pads and wipe down my rims before I really start with the long descents. Luckily, there shouldn’t be too much rain involved there. If I feel a descent is too dangerous, I can always hitch hike downhill. Wouldn’t increase my carbon emissions, but it would be a pity after all that work!


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