Rounding Second Base: To Hanoi

3 thoughts on “Rounding Second Base: To Hanoi”

  1. Good pix.
    Re badass cyclist: Looks fierce. Have you considered starting a mustache to improve your stamina?
    Re Downhill finally: This is the first time I’ve seen a picture showing what the road is like where you ride. Looks well paved and maintained, with wide shoulders to accommodate bikes. Is this typical?


    1. I have. Showering/shaving regularly on the road can be a challenge, so with each passing kilometer it becomes more likely that I acquire some long-term facial hair. As for the roads, sorta. In vietnam it has been the case, and in most cases in China. In China I’m biking secondary highways. It’s fairly common for them to be nice and new and paved, but equally for there to be large uncompleted sections. It’s fairly common for government projects like that to be subcontracted out to the Nth degree, and for the contractor who actually completes the job to be underfunded and inexperienced. So you’ll be biking along a perfect new 4-lane highway and then after one specific town the road will turn into an old one lane dirt road. good news is I don’t have to share the road that much.


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