“What meeting?”, Hot Pot, and a View on the state of US Politics

9 thoughts on ““What meeting?”, Hot Pot, and a View on the state of US Politics”

  1. [Never mind, I’ll reconstitute it.]

    1. “There are very few reasons not to love this pinnacle of Hunan cuisine. Unfortunately, I’ve found one.” That’s really a well written bit: the inflation of the little balloon, then the surprise pop and quick phfft as you deflate it. Very stylish.

    2. I agree that Valdivia’s rendering of the Cordoba is beautiful. I hadn’t heard any of Lecuona’s music before so I’m glad to find new field to explore.

    3. The Cordoba reminds me a lot of Isaac Albenez’s Asturias from his piano suite Iberia. I note that the Asturias is included in one of the sub-links from your site under the title Leyenda and is played on guitar by Andres Segovia. I listened to Asturias/Leyenda there and aside from enjoying the piece itself I was surprised to see that Segovia showed no facial or gestural accompaniment to the music; it seemed only his hands were fully engaged. About 50 years ago we drove to Portland with friends to see and hear Segovia on stage, but I don’t remember if he played Asturias or not.

    4. I mentioned above that Asturias is a piano piece. It is most often performed on guitar, and seems almost made for that instrument. But I actually prefer hearing it on the piano. The performance by Alicia de Larocha is so moving for me that if it comes up on the radio I will stop whatever I’m doing and listen, always amazed at the daring changes of tempo and mood, almost in tears at the end. I once bought a copy of the sheet music, thinking I might eventually stumble through it. No—it was way too hard, but it gave me new respect for those who can actually play it.

    [Another aside: I miss having access to Italics or, at least underling. on your web site. How can one refer to a title? Quotes just look goofy. Pls advise.]

    PS: I’m still working on a response to your climate change posting.


    1. I found it after my piano teacher assigned me Gitanerias from the same “Suite Espagnole”. Another student in my class was assigned Cordoba, and played it wonderfully. I’ll look into Asturias, thanks for the recommendation.
      As for italicizing, you can do the following: put “” (without quotes) at the end of what you want to italicize, and put “” (also without quotes) at the beginning. Those directions sound backward, but if I explained it the other way, well…that wouldn’t work so well.


  2. -I know from our conversations about the meeting that nobody told you about it, but I think you forgot to write that in your Blog.

    I think your comments about the election are spot on. It really does not feel like people were truly voting for anything during this election, just against a feeling of malaise and against a paralyzed government. To me, it seemed like the Republicans did all they could do to paralyze the government to achieve just this end. (Dad says to look in Nov. 7 Washington Post Op_Ed by Elizabeth Warren)

    Thank you for the music. Good to remember that humans can do beautiful things.


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