About This Project: The Story, The Plan, and Your Role

4 thoughts on “About This Project: The Story, The Plan, and Your Role”

  1. Wow Forrest. I missed this serious cycling side of you. Very ambitious. May your travels bring you amazing discoveries, very little physical discomfort, moments of pure joy, and peace you take with you for the entire life. Safe travels.


  2. Sounds epic Forrest! Planning a cycle tour of South America from Oct 2016 – Sept 2017 after finishing my Masters in Physics next June. Aiming to raise awareness for similar causes so will be following your progress with great interest. Good Luck!


    1. Thanks! I’ll probably be following through the region later on–maybe 2018–so we may not cross paths. Keep me updated on your plans, though, I’d love to hear more about your work, and if you’d be interested in sharing your own climate story (or ones that you encounter along the way) in this space, let me know. We might be able to collaborate! All the best.


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