Home Again? 13 Photos from the Southeastern US

3 thoughts on “Home Again? 13 Photos from the Southeastern US”

  1. Usually, your observations about energy issues as you pass through the landscape are as engaging as your pix. This time even more engaging because the landscape you show us is so drab compared to the spectacular shots from Asia and Europe. It isn’t just a difference in steepness of the scenery, either; the deserts of Kazakhstan or Cappadocia are way more interesting than the dreary Sabine and stinkeye motels along the Southeast coast.
    Come on home. We miss you.


    1. I noticed I was taking fewer pictures on the road in the US than elsewhere, and I think part of it is certainly the flatness and somewhat less spectacular scenery than elsewhere. I think there’s an element though that has more to do with photographability than actual beauty, and another that has to do with the subconscious exotification of unfamiliar places and the acceptance of unusual elements in familiar ones.


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