Summer in the Valleys of Kyrgyzstan: 13 Photos from the Road

3 thoughts on “Summer in the Valleys of Kyrgyzstan: 13 Photos from the Road”

  1. Spectacular scenery as in your previous blog. Especially interesting: shot of water plume from spillway of dam with concrete bust of some bigshot above the upper structure. And, as before, combination of pix and captions is very effective. Your travel reports help flesh out our otherwise abstract reading of just colors and lines on a map.

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    1. That was an astonishing moment–I knew dams were a big part of Kyrgyz infrastructure and development, but hadn’t actually seen any since entering the country. I had expected a slight uphill coming out of that lake valley, but it turned out it was the head of a huge reservoir. Clearly, snow melt was near its peak and the dam was spilling out water as fast as it could just to keep things steady. I’m not sure the photo really communicates the scale there, but water looked to be shooting at least a hundred feet from the base of the dam into the air.


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