Photos from the Road: Jishou to Chongqing

3 thoughts on “Photos from the Road: Jishou to Chongqing”

  1. Hi Forrest,
    Loved your recent most. I lived in Chengdu, Sichuan back in the 80s, so your photos bring back a lot of memories. And they connect with my/our present, e.g., compact fluorescents lighting up a Chinese lantern 🙂
    On a related note, I’m a volunteer with 350 Eugene. We met briefly at the Naomi Klein film screening last fall. I just recently added your blog to our website on our “Climate Stories” page ( Hope this spreads the word a bit more.

    Safe journey & Zai jian!



    1. Thanks for the comment and the sharing! Did you travel into the mountains West of Chengdu while you were there? I traveled through there last fall on my way north from Yunnan, and was blown away by the landscape.


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