3,000 Claim Their Lane at Road Sharing Event in Manila

2 thoughts on “3,000 Claim Their Lane at Road Sharing Event in Manila”

  1. What a great production! I was puzzled at first, having read “carless” as “careless.” When Paulo Burro says “We adopted the system of the U.S.” does he mean our problematic car-dependent approach or a mass-demonstration means of publicizing?
    Your first pic shows some pretty exotic architecture in the background.
    Journalistic mix of narration, pix with captions very effective.


    1. Thanks! I was playing around with a new mixture of formats, I didn’t know whether the placement of the narration would be uncomfortable for my audience.

      Burro was talking about the history of Manila’s current transportation system, as far as I know. Countries where US companies had a lot of sway tended to adopt systems that were conducive to personal ownership, even if the vast majority of the population had no means of purchasing a personal vehicle. You can still see the effects in the sprawling cities of Latin America, though many countries are now rethinking this model


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