Mountains Beyond Mountains: Through The Tibetan Region of Kham

5 thoughts on “Mountains Beyond Mountains: Through The Tibetan Region of Kham”

  1. Hi Forrest,
    Thanks for keeping us up to date with your wonderful pix of such dramatic scenery. I’m impressed with the apparent savagery of those mountains. Also found that switchback-on-stilts an intriguing solution as a shortcut to avoid what must be several miles of hacking road out of steep hillside.
    But no wonder you’re tired after climbing dirt roads to over 15,000 ft. ( I think of elevation in feet because I remember puffing a bit when skiing at about 12,000 ft when I was a guy your age in Colorado.)
    We’re looking forward to your return in December — discussed Christmas arrangements with your folks when we were there for dinner last Saturday.

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    1. Thanks for the comment! The only thing that really concerns me is that these roads seem like they could be more susceptible to the earthquakes that this region is known for. Perhaps not if you take landslides into account, but I’d be curious to know more from an engineering perspective


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