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Our (re)action, now: a framework

First, a little Victor Jara to soothe your soul and get you in the revolutionary spirit: Alright. Feel free to leave that going in the background. This week, a start of a discussion of the following article: Rick Potts gives what I think is a good framework for a discussion on how our thinking needs … Continue reading Our (re)action, now: a framework

Zhangjiajie(张家界)/National Day Part 2: Chinese Tourism

(Part 1 here) You stand and you stare… And then the sounds come rushing in. People laugh, people talk, people pose for photographs (“qiézi”, “eggplant” is the Chinese version of “cheese”). There are horns in the distance, and five hundred feet climbing rough-cut stone steps. Vendors yell, children yell, everybody yells above the noise. Then, a … Continue reading Zhangjiajie(张家界)/National Day Part 2: Chinese Tourism

This will be short–our departure time for Zhangjiajie got moved up and I don’t have much time. Life in Jishou has been good. Teaching has been better and better, though challenges seem to keep popping up. It’s not an easy task to make a lesson that gives students the feeling of learning, but also lets them do 80% … Continue reading