Across the Caucasus: 20 Photos From the Road

6 thoughts on “Across the Caucasus: 20 Photos From the Road”

  1. Hey Forrest!

    This is so amazing. Wow! You are inspiring.

    I’m wondering though if you ever feel lonely on this trip, and how you have been dealing with it if so.

    Wishing you luck and tail winds,


    1. I’m around people enough and making new friends that I wouldn’t say I’m lonely exactly, but I definitely do miss the process of building real, long-term relationships. It’s for sure one of the hardest parts of being on the road. I’d say it’s worth it for everything that I gain from being out here, but it’s also one of the reasons I’m planning on taking a break to work and go to grad school (the others being funding and wanting some structure to help me develop more technical aspects of the project)


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