On the Road Again: China to Istanbul

5 thoughts on “On the Road Again: China to Istanbul”

  1. I am in slight disbelief at this, it just seems crazy!.. Like something out of a film. Are you making this trip on your own? Are there times when you have to give in and take conventional transport? At the same time, it must feel amazing to be so passionate and driven towards a cause.

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    1. Thanks! Yeah, doing it on my own. I think it will get a little lonely traveling through Xinjiang where there aren’t very many people and the ‘stans where I don’t share the language, but overall it’s been a good opportunity to get to know myself. And the project has kept me going.

      I don’t take conventional transport unless I have issues renewing country visas.

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      1. Wow. Well stay safe and good luck! I look forward to seeing the updates. Are you camping along the way? I shared your site by the way – it was the most inspiring/crazy thing I read that day 😀


      2. Thanks! Right now I’m focusing on the writing and communication aspects of the project, and hotels are cheap in China, so I’m staying in hotels most nights. As I pass into less populated areas, and later, expensive ones, I’ll be camping more.

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