Zhangjiajie/National Day, Part 1: Spectacular Beauty

8 thoughts on “Zhangjiajie/National Day, Part 1: Spectacular Beauty”

  1. Pix are beyond spectacular!
    My favorite is the video of the blue dragonflies zooming above the moving water. As a child I loved the Monarch butterflies that inhabited an open prairie block near our house in Chicago, so I envy your living in a world with so many beautiful flyers around.
    Good idea to break up the account of the trip into several parts — toom to swallow all at one gulp.


  2. I just noticed a quote tacked up on my bulletin board that might apply; it’s from a novel I read maybe twenty years ago:

    “The known years spent in a landscape never tie to us to it, the marked calendar from which we can stand back and reflect or think of change; we are bound to a place by the unconscious minutes and seconds lost there, which is not measurable time or experience and from which there is no release.”
    Joseph Hone, The Private Sector, page 276.


  3. Digestible little bites of story work well.

    My favorite place in the world is whatever mountaintop I’ve been on most recently. So I guess that would place me on the whole Cascade range. I think I would be happy to just wander there forever.

    You write beautifully.


  4. For me, drawing something I see records not only the image (crudely), but also the emotions I felt at the time, and the sounds and the sensations of the moment. As I read old journals, and see photos that I took in the past, I do not have the same depth of memories. Not sure why I’m adding this. I guess it is just an illustration of another way of thinking about how images can convey so much more than words. (Though in this case, others would not feel the same emotions, or remember the sounds and sensations).


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